Mint Pea ‘Soup’ Smoothie

I’m actually feeling quite proud of myself this morning. I have realised that I have taken on so much work, and I’m managing to do it without letting myself get too too unwell. Between my job, my Nutritiously Natasha life (and soon to come projects), and various other things I help people out with, I have been one busy bee.

I’m trying to really hard to allow myself to rest. And by rest, I mean genuine rest. For years when a doctor told me I needed to rest I always protested. I was in bed, not going out. That’s pretty bloody restful. But I was always working on a project or three. Keeping my mind busy, active, and often frustrated. It has taken twenty five and a half years for me to start accepting that genuine rest involves trying to find ways to switch your brain off and just say ‘no’ to work for a short period of time. This allows you to be more productive. Now, I generally work in bursts, when my body is ready. Of course, because I have an actual job, I always make sure that my work is done when it needs to be done (often before), but I’m finding that breaking up my tasks into manageable bites, significantly prioritising, and ha

Last Tuesday didn’t work so well on that front. I was in the office for meetings, I ran off to Tanya’s to have a final discussion about this Sunday’s #plantbasedpicnic, and then went to meet Pixie so we could head off to the launch of the new Raw Press Co in Mayfair. Deliciously Ella has designed the menu, and there’s some seriously good stuff on there. A group of us crowded around the juice bar and imbibed a fair bit (although I stuck to the juice and stayed away from the champers). I also really enjoyed the brazil nut pesto zoodles and the sweet potato brownies, which were a different recipe for the one on her blog and were the gooiest things!

Today, I’m resting and working in bed, while looking forward to hopefully having a catch up with Saskia (aka Naturally Sassy) this evening, before having dinner at the Wild Food Cafe with my dear friend Lucy. They’ve got a raw mis-steak tartare this week as their special, and I literally can’t not have it. I’ll admit, I miss steak. So this one being a beetroot, celeriac and fennel ‘steak’ with cashew, avocado and vanilla hollandaise, marinated asparagus and mushroom with wakame salad sounds absolutely to die for!

Meals at the Wild Food Cafe are always super big events for me, because it’s always so good that I want hummus, a smoothie, and a dessert as well! Let’s see how the self control manifests itself today! So I know that I just need to be on the green juice and a green smoothie beforehand!

For some reason last night I was craving a mint pea smoothie. I’ve never heart of a mint pea smoothie or had one before…but I wanted it. My body is obviously wanting some lovely green pea plant protein! Peas are also a unique source of some key phytonutrients that act as wonderful anti-inflammatories. Additionally, they’re a great source of fibre and protein. Who’da thought those soggy peas you had at school (if cooked well!) could be so good for us!

Mint also has a wonderful array of health benefits. Not only is it a natural breath freshener, it can help promote digestion by soothing inflammation, and is often use as a quick fix for nausea. I know that when I feel a bit sick I down a cup of mint tea pretty sharpish! Interestingly, mint is also a natural stimulant, and has been known to help relieve some of the symptoms from fatigue and depression. And for those with a horrid histamine hating body like me, mint can inhibit the release of histamines that can cause our bodies to go haywire.

This smoothie takes seconds to make and is super fresh. Just like soup, but in a smoothie form. Is there anything better?


  • 1 cup frozen peas
  • 1 large banana
  • Almond milk to blend. I personally like making my smoothies so thick I can eat them with a spoon, so don’t often add much milk!
  • 1 large handful fresh mint leaves
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • Pinch pink Himalayan salt
  • Additional liquid sweetener if desired


Throw everything in a blender and enjoy! Pour into a bowl, garnish with mint leaves, spoon into mouth!

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