Love Porridge? I’ve Got You Sorted!

If you were following me on Instagram about a year ago you’d probably have seen a never ending parade of porridges popping up in your feed. I love the stuff. It’s cheap, versatile, healthy and absolutely delicious.

Although I have been limiting my grain intake (waa) to see how my body responds, I was super excited when the Porridge Cafe asked me to collaborate with them to create some limited edition recipes to be served in their awesome pop up.


Tucked behind the busses just by Victoria station, the Porridge Cafe sells sweet and savoury mixed grain porridges, loaded with all kinds of good stuff, for affordable prices. One of the things that I love the most about it is it’s focus on simple, uncomplicated and healthy food. I think we sometimes forget how simple it can be when we’re scrolling through Instagram and see superfoods all over the place – we don’t need always take a trip to the specialist health food shops!

I’ve shared two of my favourite porridge combos: a classic “carrot cake” oatmeal made with gluten free oats, fresh carrot juice, raisins, pecans, walnuts and honey, and a beautifully summery  chilled mango and passion fruit overnight oats made with coconut milk.

There are also other delicious options like banana, blueberry and peanut butter or Nutella for those of you who love a cheeky spoonful of the stuff!


So, if you’re in London, please do head to the Porridge Cafe to try them out! If you do, make sure to take a snap and tag me @nutritiouslynatasha and @porridge_cafe_london on Instagram!  

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