Be Kind To Yourself

For years I had doctors, therapists, family and friends tell me that I needed to “be kind” to myself. It was something I poo-pooed and waved off as some kind of hippy dippy bullshit that didn’t mean anything.

As I got more unwell (and older) I started to realise that there was something in taking a step back, taking a moment and realising that it’s ok to take time and be gentle with myself*.

We all have different ways of doing this, and just recognising that it’s ok and not selfish or lazy is a wonderful first step.

This infographic from Happify gives a wonderful introduction to those of you who are interested in practicing more self kindness. What are your favourite ways of being kind to yourself? Please do share them in the comments.

*That being said, it still feels weird for me to say it in those terms. I think it’s more just about treating myself the way I would treat anyone that I loved!

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