5 Things I’m Eating This Week

A lot of people ask me what I eat in a typical week. It’s almost impossible for me to answer that because it depends a lot on how I’m feeling.

Experience has taught me that when my energy levels are super low and my POTS is particularly symptomatic I tend to do best on mainly liquids. Life can be so fun sometimes! To stop myself from going mad I make one ‘meal’ meal a day, and the rest of the time I am having super packed smoothies and big jars of juice.

I have been majorly struggling to eat a very ‘free-from’ diet. While a lot of people who are happy to do this may not consider it to be restrictive, to me it feels that way. I know pretty much what I should be eating and how to go about it, it’s just when you’re in a flare it’s hard to find the motivation to do it all the time – especially when you just want to get on the tube and get a gorgeous cheeseburger

I have promised myself, however, that I’m going to get back on track with my diet and hope that this helps me a bit more. As I’ve written about many times, I believe that food plays a huge role in management, but we also need to be realistic in what we’re asking it to do. I also haven’t quite figured out what works best for my body and that’s a seemingly never-ending experiment. I’m actually seeing a new doctor on Tuesday so I’m curious to see what tests he’ll run and what recommendations he will make.

5 things

In order to keep myself sane when I do this, I have to allow myself some flexibility to go and enjoy food. I don’t think of it as a ‘treat’ or a ‘guilty pleasure’ as that puts food into categories of good and bad. I am (slash should be) sensible enough to go and enjoy something if I want to go and enjoy it. This is usually at one of my favourite restaurants in town with my ‘normal’ friends who don’t think about the micronutrient content of their meals. Or a whole lot of freshly made challah if I’m visiting my parents on a Friday. I don’t feel like we should demonise food or feel guilty for the choices that we make, and so even though it may not be what’s best for me, the happiness that I get from going out and not obsessively thinking about my health more than makes up for it. It’s all about balance and not getting into dangerously restrictive mindsets.

The last few days (and what I’m continuing into this week) has been quite uninteresting when it comes to food. I have a massive smoothie for breakfast and some homemade green juice. Then depending on how I’m feeling I’ll either have another juice (Plenish juices are currently half price on Ocado, so I’ve ordered some cherry beet ones!) and another smoothie. I don’t think that juices are meal replacements, so try to have something more substantial in smoothie form if I’m only having one meal a day.

I take Vitamin D every day, as well as spirulina and chlorella. I honestly don’t know if these actually make a difference anymore, but I’m in in the habit of taking spirulina tablets in the morning and chlorella before I go to sleep, so it’s just something I keep doing! I was taking MSM tablets, but want to talk to the doctor about these. I also try to have an epsom salt bath daily.

As much as I enjoy juices and smoothies, I really miss actually chewing, so I particularly look forward to my one main meal a day. When I’m not having a special ‘fuck it I don’t care what I eat’ meal, I try to stay away from dairy, gluten and refined sugar as I do feel a difference in my body when I eat them. I eat eggs and meat (often from my local farm) a few times a week and try not to have grains every day. But I am somewhat partial to the ease of brown rice pasta! And I don’t care what anyone says, no one will believe that courgetti is pasta.

One of my favourite ways to stay motivated despite feeling too exhausted to actually cook anything is to browse some of my favourite food blogs. Below I’ve shared five of the recipes that I’ve bookmarked to make this week.

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